Kristina LaGue

“I highly recommend Tracey Tipton to anyone who is buying or selling a home! She is professional at all times and makes herself available to her clients. Tracey was extremely helpful in a complicated situation that I faced when trying to buy a home two years ago. She is extremely knowledgeable and accurate in all of the paperwork associated with real estate and has connections to other individuals that are beneficial to her clients, such as lenders. Her honesty and integrity make her the best around. You can definitely trust her!”

David Gum

“This was our first house we ever sold and Tracey Tipton and Team Tracey Tipton were Amazing. When I called the office of Team Tracey Tipton, Tracey answered my call and we chatted for awhile as I explained our situation. Tracey is so sweet and such a pleasure to work with. She explained every step and guided us through the house selling process. Tracey’s insight into “Right Pricing” and “Attention to Detail” helped sell our home of 28 years in just about a week to a wonderful family. I would highly recommend Tracey Tipton for all of your home buying and home selling needs. Thank you so much Tracey for your Professionalism, Expertise, and your Friendship.”

Rob Jaecks

“We worked with Tracey to sell our home and asked her to get it sold as fast as possible without leaving too much money on the table. Tracey was very helpful and knowledgeable in terms of getting our home priced right. Ultimately, we got multiple offers in the first day on the market, so we couldn’t have been happier.”

Andrew Cassidenti

“Tracey is truly an exceptional professional. She is by far the best realtor I have ever worked with. She provides amazing service, is thorough, incredibly knowledgeable and helpful beyond the call of duty. She far exceeded my very high expectations. I give her my highest recommendation. I guarantee she will exceed your expectations as well.”

Brandon Chen

“If you are looking for someone who will go above and beyond to help you, look no further! A colleague recommended Tracey to me, saying “she is the VERY BEST”. I completely agree! While living out of state and looking for a home in Bakersfield, Tracey helped me buy a house without me ever needing to set foot on the property through live video tours. She coordinated all the inspections and pre-closing repairs, and helped me work through some bumps with my mortgage company. When I finally set foot in that house, it was everything I wanted and more. I am so happy with this experience. I give her my highest recommendation!”

Tai Ha

“My wife and I had a great experience with Tracey and Jacqueline. If you guys are looking for an agent that’s responsive, easy to work with, and knowledgable, look no further. We had a new construction home about only a year old in Belcourt 7 Oaks and we signed up to have Redfin list our house it was a nightmare. Their comps were way below what we paid and the agent at the time was very new and had very little experience so we hired Tracey. Best decision ever and we MADE money from the sale. Thank god and thank Tracey and Jacqueline. Would give 100 stars if I could. Oh yeah, and our house sold in under a week!!”

John Mattly

“I sold an SFR in Bakersfield in 2018. Knowing the red-tape usually involved in selling a home, I wanted an experienced, knowledgeable agent on my side. Tracey was recommended by my loan officer and I learned why: she has total knowledge of the market; has close relationships with the escrow community and, as a result, can expedite the entire process; attended to my needs promptly and concluded the transaction at a price better than I expected. Anyone, buying or selling, will be extremely happy with Tracey and her team. (As a plus, she is very patient with anxious sellers and buyers)”

Katie Russel

“Tracey got to know my husband and I in a very short period of time which allowed her to find homes that met our needs. She helped us find our dream home. She was perfect and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a home.”

“Tracey was a great realtor to work with! She was very patient and worked with my husband and I throughout the entire time. I appreciate all the work that she put into helping us find our wonderful home. We have been in our home now for a month and Tracey is still calling us assuring that things are fine. I love her!”

“Tracey was referred to me by a colleague from work and I couldn’t have been more pleased. I now in turn will recommend Tracey to anybody who is planning to buy a house. She made me feel that she truly has my best interest every step of the way, which was most evident during the walk through. She went through the house with a fine tooth comb as if it was her own house that she was purchasing. I felt so confident in her that I had no problem asking her to do the walk through without me, and if she was fine with the house, I would have had no problem signing off the house. What made Stacey even more amazing was the fact that she did 5 out 6 walk through just 1 week out of surgery. She was in pain and she still showed up on the second walk through to help me make sure my house in perfect condition to move in. That’s dedication and customer service. I wholeheartedly recommends Tracey without reservations.”