Clever Small Space Gardening Tips

Gardening can serve to boost your home’s curb appeal, prove to be an enjoyable hobby and can naturally lead to gently encouraging healthy eating. Not to mention, creating your own vegetable garden can lead to food savings all season long. Thankfully, you don’t have to sacrifice your whole backyard to plant a wonderful garden.

Evaluate Your Space
Whether your home boasts a huge backyard or just a small patio, you can find a way to embrace the space only when you truly evaluate what it has to offer. Asses where in your yard you would like a garden. If your options are limited, this is even more vital. Evaluate how much direct and indirect sunlight your space gets and where. A building or tree located nearby may mean that part or all of your space is not viable for full sun plants. Decide what your space can easily cultivate.

Think Outside the Planter Box
Traditional garden planter boxes can make having a garden easier, but if your gardening space is limited, don’t be afraid to get creative. Planter boxes can be utilized on a porch or patio, but consider using freestanding boxes that take advantage of vertical space. A table-like planter box with tall legs will allow you to store your gardening items below. You can also get even more creative and utilize DIY or storebought vertical planters, which will easily maximize your gardening space.

Rethink the Squash
While a garden with traditional veggies may sound appealing, it is important to realize exactly how much space your ideal plants will require. Squashes and cucumbers, for instance, require room to grow outward along the ground—this can mean that your small space can only handle a few plants. Opt for vertically growing plants or consider instead creating a herb and sprout garden. Herbs and sprouts take up very little room, but the flavors and added texture will pack a delicious punch in your next dinner.

Getting fresh and delicious foods on the table this season doesn’t require a ton of space. As long as you go into your gardening season with an honest evaluation of what your gardening area can handle, and you think creatively, you are sure to have a green thumb.

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